Exit Review: Heroic Rescue Mission

Exit Review: Heroic Rescue Mission

Currently, the South Korean film industry is indeed shining, the proof is that Korean films this year have increasingly shown in Indonesian and foreign cinemas. Like the film “Exit” which has been aired in theaters since the end of August 2019 has managed to attract the attention of the public. Films that focus on rescue missions become one of the best Korean film choices besides Parasite, Train To Busan and other films, and you can also watch those films on https://www.hancinema.net/korean_movie_Exit_-_Movie.php. The film is played by Jo Jung-suk (Yong-Nam) who is certainly no stranger to Im Yoon Ah (Eui Joo), a very popular SNSD member.

Tells about Yong Nam. Once, he celebrated Yong Nam’s mother’s birthday at a large hotel with his family. Not unexpectedly there he met with Eui Joo who once Yong Nam liked in college. During their meeting, Yong Nam lied that he was a manager, Eui Joo himself was the assistant manager at the hotel.

Likewise with this film, after the first 15 minutes, we are presented with tense actions that are enough to make the knees limp especially for those who have a phobia of heights. How not, because the action displayed takes an angle from a height which of course makes the heart beat fast.

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